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The e-HM™ is a non-self-priming, end-suction horizontal multistage, high pressure centrifugal pump, with axial threaded inlet and radial threaded outlet. The pumps are close-coupled design and are equipped with non-standard

Lowara motors. The e-HM™ is equipped with mechanical seal.

The e-HM™ are highly modular pumps that are fitted with an innovative hydraulic design that secures high efficiency performances and an increased Mean Time Between Failure.

The e-HM™ is available in three different materials combination:

- HM..P: stainless steel pump body (EN 1.4301/ AISI 304) with Noryl™ impeller for sizes 1HM, 3HM, 5HM and 10HM up to 6 stages.
- HM..S: full stainless steel (EN 1.4301/ AISI 304) – any models.
- HM..N: full stainless steel (EN 1.4401/ AISI 316) – any models.

All pumps are certified for drinking water use (WRAS and ACS).



• Pressure boosting and water supply systems.
• Washing and cleaning industry including vehicles washing.
• Circulation of hot and cold liquids (like water, water and glycol) for heating, cooling and conditioning systems.
• Water treatment applications.
• Handling of moderately aggressive liquids.

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