Our Service Team have amassed a wealth of knowledge of the pump industry, having worked their entire professional careers within our sector we have all the solutions only experienced pump engineers can obtain. Whether a sewage set requires an annual service or a Power Stations main boiler feed pump requires a planned outage, we have it covered.

On-Site Services:

  • On-site Laser Alignment via PRUFTECHNIK OPTALIGN® smart Ex Laser Alignment System
  • On-site Flow Measurement via KROHNE OPTISONIC Ultra-sonic clamp on Flowmeter
  • On-site Viscosity measurements
  • On-site PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance)
  • On-site Thermal Imaging
  • On-site Condition Monitoring
  • On/Off site Asset Management via EMiR Pro Asset Management Software


Our highly trained and experienced team of engineers can install all types of pumps and pumping systems to your site.
Utilising our extensive knowledge of varied working conditions and up to the minute industry specific safety regulations, you can rest assured that your project will be completed safely, correctly and on time.

Pipe Work

Our engineers can modify existing pipe work to allow new design, upgraded or alternative pumps to be fitted to your current system.


Our Design Engineers can create or adapt new or existing pump systems from concept to commissioning. We can provide 2D draughts & 3D models for initial client liaison and approval prior to any on-site fabrication. We will even analyse your pumped media with our portable viscometer ensuring the exact pump and system fittings are selected.

Elephant Pumps can design and supply solutions to ensure your pumps are operating at their Best Efficiency Point (BEP), running your pumps at their BEP will not only lengthen Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) but also save power. We can supply quality equipment using the best of latest technology to reduce the power consumption of your pumps.

In today's environmentally aware world, it makes sense to not only save money but also reduce your companies' carbon footprint.

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